Should I transfer colleges?

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Transfer and live the "college life"
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Should I transfer colleges?

Postby areusad831 » 9/24/2002, 8:17 am

Ok I need to make a big decision and only have a month to do it. So a lil CM advice cant hurt

Should I stay at my crappy college and drive 40 minutes every day each way. Live with my annoying parents and continue wiht my dull, boring life.


Transfer to a college where I would dorm and do the whole "college life" thing. I will probarly wind up with a roommate I want to kill and continue my dull, boring life there.

Help! I cant decide!!!!
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Postby defying_gravity » 9/24/2002, 9:03 am

Numero dos.
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Postby One-Eye » 9/24/2002, 9:22 am

Number two. Anything's better than parents.
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Postby stlloki » 9/24/2002, 10:51 am

The College experiance is something that you DO NOT want to miss out on. Yeah sure, 1st year, is a crap shoot for room mates. But when you meet someone you get along with, you can always switch rooms. Then the whole community atmosphere of people with the same interests. Really, life long friends are made in college. Good times !! :nod:
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Postby Joey » 9/24/2002, 11:53 am

Live the college life AWAY from home .. seriously, you'll love it and you'll have a great time. It's a great experience and you'll meet tons of new people .. college is definitley the time to get out on your own and live it up :nod:
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Postby luckyJQ9 » 9/24/2002, 1:30 pm

That's so a no brainer question. Sometimes I long for home, and the open fields and rolling in leaves and all that stuff, but geez...I'd go nuts living with my parents year round. Being away from school gives me the freedom I have only dreamt about. I wouldn't be going to the AC concert if I lived at home, that's for sure, and I just like being in the city...lots of opportunities. :mrgreen:
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Postby Dr. Hobo » 9/24/2002, 1:49 pm

im with everyone else on this one
ive done both personally
and i hated the second time i was in school with a passion
driving in general sucks
all that shit
when i first went to school.. lived in res .. "shit i have class in 20 mins.. ah well.." go shower and walk out my door and im there.. it was great.. when i was with my parents it was like. "shit i have class in 2 hours.." goto shower then get in car then drive then drive some more tryin to find a parking spot and then blah blah blah.. it sucked
i hated it passionatly

go fuck yourself.
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