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Postby Solidarity 9-6347 » 7/27/2002, 12:33 pm

i like them a lot, i think they're gonna be big...any thoughts?

oh by the way, excuse the randomness but has anyone heard their single "walk away"? for some reason it reminds me of the theme music for "a beautiful mind"...yeah dont ask :lol:
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Postby Joey » 7/27/2002, 1:30 pm

Does the song go "walk away with me, walk away with me" etc etc ... that's all I know! I have the tune in my head but I don't know who sings it :lol:
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Postby Bananababy » 7/27/2002, 3:52 pm

hm.. I've never heard of them...I'll have to though :nod:
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Postby megxyz128 » 7/27/2002, 4:27 pm

I can't find any of their stuff on Kazaa, anyone want to send me some of their stuff? - Megan
- megan.
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Postby bort8 » 7/28/2002, 6:54 pm

i just listened to 'walk away'...good stuff
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Postby Bananababy » 7/29/2002, 8:27 am

I'm downloading Walk Away and In Vain... I like them so far :)
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