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Postby Starseed3333 » 7/4/2002, 10:02 pm

I LOVE Incubus.

*looks up at Incubus poster*

*smiles* :love:

Not to mention that Brandon is my god...........Mike too.......well..I just love them all. I love all their old AND new stuff......though Make Yourself was truly amazing.

The video- Scares the hell out of me. I don't even like watching its because its so weird.........I actually always turn the TV or radio off of Warning because it is my favorite song of MV and I don't want it to be ruined like the radio does to Inubus/Staind/ JEW songs:)

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Postby OGirlA » 7/5/2002, 2:04 pm

I'm beginning to wonder if i'm sick or something. If it scares this many people and makes me laugh that hard...oh dear...I better get my head checked! (funny cos I have an MRI in 2 hours, lol)

I realllly wanna see Incubus live someday. Maybe I'd get to meet the girl. Maybe she'd be in the crowd or something. Maybe she'd be my friend. Haha...
"I'll miss your purple hair" ;-)
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Postby bort8 » 7/5/2002, 5:29 pm

i got to see them last october...rockin show
"Sh*t, id be f*ckin' scared if us were opening"
-Dave Grohl on why the Red Hot Chili Peppers only let the Foos play a 45 minute set when they toured together

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cause I don’t want to drag you down, hold you down
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i blame myself
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it's such a shame..."
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Postby luckyJQ9 » 7/5/2002, 6:27 pm

i saw them back in Nov. of 2000. They were on the Back to School tour with the Deftones. They were one of the opening sort of bands so they only played for hour. But they were incredible. I know so many girls drool over Brandon and he's in YM and stuff now, but they really are talented musicians. I'm a big Mike fan...he rocks on guitar.
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Postby Eelco » 7/6/2002, 2:55 am

I saw them in January and I was pleased to see that almost everyone in the crowd loved them for their music and not because of Brandon.

I might be seeing them again in August, when they play on the Lowlands Festival in Holland, but I still have to find out if I'm able to go.
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Postby OGirlA » 7/6/2002, 10:58 pm

It IS especially cool that the band could stay cool when they became "cool." Even when they are being drooled over and overplayed and all, they are still producing some excellent music. I hope that remains the case with OLP since I kind of see them going in similar directions.
"I'll miss your purple hair" ;-)
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Postby fixation » 7/27/2002, 10:41 am

Ahh, no..OGirlA, I completely agree with you. Although the chick is creepy, it's absolutely hilarious when she screams. I suppose it depends on how you see it though. If you go along with the rest of the video and start thinking about the end of the world, and why she is screaming..maybe it isn't quite as funny.

As for my favourite Incubus album: I'd have to go with Enjoy Incubus. Fungus Amongus, Enjoy Incubus, and S.C.I.E.N.C.E. have a similar thing going on, but once they got to Make Yourself, I think it was a tad too commercial. And, Brandon should've kept his dreads. Last Incubus show I was at, sucked, because I kept getting attacked by 12 year old girls screaming about Brandon. I'd of prefered that they were yelling out for Mike [any guy shorter than me automatically kicks ass] or any of the other band members, for that matter. They still put on a great show.

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