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Postby MyronJ906 » 7/4/2006, 12:59 pm

Hey, there's a really awesome band I found (or rather that found me) about a month ago on Myspace, and I've been listening to them pretty much daily since then, my personal favorite songs by them are "Dissolve" and "On The Air", but I actually like all of them. (Link to their Myspace at top and bottom of the thread)

I think they're OLP influenced, I don't really remember, and right now I'm too lazy to go check, but they definitely have OLP listed somewhere in their was either influences or sounds like...can't remember though, sorry, but yeah, either way I think it'd be cool if you guys checked them out and told me what you think of them, and maybe help spread the word out about them a bit, but of course I don't have to ask that, because if you like a band, you'll spread the word regardless, and if you don't like the band, you simply won't (Haha, unless you're expressing your dislike).

Their first album, ISM, is scheduled to be released this fall, and right now, I'm getting one of the 10 left over copies of their demo, I should have it by...the end of the week they said, definite yay there. But yeah, just thought I'd share them with all of you guys.

they're also on TagWorld and Bandspace

Haha, wow, after looking back at how unneccesarily long that post was, it probably explains why I don't post much lol they always end up being needleslly long...I just like to see myself type
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