which maynard (from tool) band do you like better?

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which band do you like better

a perfect circle
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which maynard (from tool) band do you like better?

Postby olpcc » 5/10/2002, 2:11 pm

i actualy like a perfect circle better
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Postby Bananababy » 5/10/2002, 2:21 pm

A Perfect Circle. I haven't heard much from Tool, but I love APC. To me, their songs are more musically pleasing to me(does that make sense?). Tool's ok, but kinda like music I'd listen to in the background. Rose, 3 Libras, Brena, Over are just quality songs. That's my opinion.

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Postby defying_gravity » 5/10/2002, 3:00 pm

I have no idea.
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Postby lora » 5/10/2002, 3:10 pm

APC is a cool band.
Three Libras is so artistic. I loooove it. :P
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Postby olpphreak » 5/10/2002, 4:25 pm

i like APC better...but that's only judging from the very limited amount i've heard from Tool.

i got the APC cd free from a record company, so i listened to that, and i think it's a great cd...haven't heard any tool besides their singles. which are good too... LOL
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Postby 3fishinrepair » 5/10/2002, 6:43 pm

I really like tool

but everyone seems to like APC more... I should check more of thier music out
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Postby plastic people » 5/11/2002, 10:53 pm

i think tool is way better than apc...
in fact maynard isnt really that much different in apc than he is in tool
apc is good music, but tool is a step above other bands
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Postby aspiritualjunkie » 5/12/2002, 9:08 am

I love APC!
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Postby Spiral Out » 5/12/2002, 11:19 pm

Tool is a lot less commercial.. thats really the only difference.

I voted for Tool, cuz I heard them before APC.. Although they are both in my top 5 bands...
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Postby curtman16 » 5/13/2002, 1:19 am

Gotta love APC ... such good stuff ... that was a very hard decision tho, b/c one of my fav songs is Sober by Tool.
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Postby The Post Modern » 5/13/2002, 7:59 am

It's not really fair since TOOl has 4 more albums out than APC, but of course I have to go with TOOL.
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