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Postby finding emo » 5/18/2002, 11:48 pm

Dave Matthews
Better Than Ezra (a lot)
Blessid Union of Souls (twice?)
Counting Crows
Cowboy Mouth
Something Corporate
Barenaked Ladies
The lead singer of the Badlees (i forget his name)
Jefferey Gaines (the "ohhh i see the light" dude)
Matchbox 20
Vertical Herizon

soon I'm going to see OLP (finally... if i dont kill myself first. long story guys)
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finding emo
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Postby sanders020 » 5/19/2002, 9:33 am

OLP-2 times (about to be 4)
Blink-3 times (about to be 4)
STP-Best Live show ever
Third Eye Blind
Vertical Horizon
Nickelback-3 times
3 doors down
Default- 3 times
Foo Fighters
Puddle of Mudd- 2 times
Black Crows
Finger 11
Seven Channels

Im missing some. I cant think sometimes. I know I missed most of the openers, but they don't really matter
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Most underrated OLP song
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Postby 3fishinrepair » 5/19/2002, 10:24 am

ok, my list feels inferior, like 4 concerts, wait, I think I'll list all the bands at them so it'll seem bigger

tragically hip
-treble charger opened

music without boarders
-barenaked ladies
-the hip again
-alanis morisset
-bruce cockburn and choclair *shudder

the junos
-alanis again
-amada marshal
-diana krall
-nelly furtado
-swollen members

sneak peek
-tea party! wh00t, they are amazing live, best I've seen
-david usher
-edwin and the pressure
-velvet devils

and I'm gonna see the tea party again on june 4th
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Postby ArlieKoz13 » 5/19/2002, 3:24 pm

sanders020 wrote:STP-Best Live show ever

:nod: :nod: Tis true, tis true.
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Postby superrgirll » 5/19/2002, 3:37 pm

Why is there only one option in the poll now?
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Postby millie » 5/19/2002, 3:40 pm

hey! Axtech, i haven't seen OLP in concert either! :| When they were in Montreal, i wasn't there... :cry:

But i saw
Jean Leloup 3x (a french-canadian artist)
Yelo Melo 3x (another french-canadian group)
cowboys fringants (a french-canadian group as well)

hey that's it... i didn't think i only had seen quebeckers... hi hi
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Postby lukin » 5/19/2002, 5:22 pm

I've seen

Shades Apart
The Start
Life House
Foo Fighters

Best was OLP, Worst Life house they put on one boring show :/

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Postby areusad831 » 5/19/2002, 10:42 pm

ArlieKoz13 wrote:
sanders020 wrote:STP-Best Live show ever

:nod: :nod: Tis true, tis true.

STP came on at a festival I was at and at first was like man this band is gonna suck

Then they started and I actually got out of my seat <which I had just jumped the barrier to get> I was like so thats who sings all these songs. Now I have their cds and want to see them live again.
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