Well, would you look at this?

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Well, would you look at this?

Postby Forky Meets Porky » 10/25/2017, 1:27 am

So I read this article about a month ago about a music journalist's experience with early OLP and how he received a demo cassette from Jeremy back in spring '93, and how he eventually lost said tape. Turns out, that tape was one of the As If demo tapes (he claims it had Blind Anniversary and Out of Here on it), making it either the still unheard Demo #1 from January 1992, which included Out of Here, or the September 1992 Demo #3 (available for download here) which had Blind Anniversary (I think it's more likely Demo #1 and the journalist got the song names The Birdman and Blind Anniversary mixed up, or the guys made a new cassette of their best demos to send out). Now that's all well and good and a nice bit of history, but when I checked the article again later while searching for anything new on Demo #1 or Demo #2, I saw he had edited it to include a message Mike sent him! Mike talks about how he was a hoarder/archivist of sorts as well. Now here's the exciting part (for me anyway); if you look at the upper right section of the box in the picture, you can clearly see 4 different cassettes labelled As If, possibly meaning Mike has all 4 demo tapes which would include the two unreleased and never leaked demos: the previously mentioned Demo #1 from January '92, which are possibly the only recordings done with original drummer Jim Newell, which has the earliest version of The Birdman (before being renamed Nobody's Wrong, then back again; this version has never been heard), Out of Here (of which the only available recording I believe is an audio rip of when Much last aired the music video back in 2001), and a completely unknown and untitled song that's never been heard; and Demo #2, which has Personal Parade and Edge of Sanity (only available as poor quality 20 second snippets infamously released as a taunt by a troll years ago) along with the first recording of Neon Crossing (I don't know if Newell or Bouvette did the drums for this second tape, as so little of the songs were leaked, but I'm pretty sure Bouvette drummed on Demos #3 and #4). One of the cassettes even appears to have a properly done logo! Wouldn't it be cool if someone could ask Mike if he would be willing to share this elusive piece of OLP history with us? It is the 25th anniversary of the band's earliest recordings after all!

Anyways, just thought I would share this because with the die off of the Transparent Humans project, I was losing hope the band even had access to this material; and as a huge early 90's alt rock fan, I always found these demos to be among their best work!
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Re: Well, would you look at this?

Postby Flynner » 10/25/2017, 7:24 pm

That would be cool...wonder what the band would think of it, I don't think Raines a big fan of out of here
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Re: Well, would you look at this?

Postby xjsb125 » 10/25/2017, 9:20 pm

I read that article several months ago when it came out. Not gonna lie, I considered messaging Mike, haha!
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Re: Well, would you look at this?

Postby myownsatellite » 10/26/2017, 7:39 pm

I thought about it too! He posted about it on his Facebook page at one point, didn't someone ask him there? I don't remember.

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