Hey OLP, let's press some vinyl

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Re: Hey OLP, let's press some vinyl

Postby m2 » 2/13/2018, 3:20 pm

Almost two years since I originally posted this and it looks like the guy's/Columbia have been working through pressing the band's discography rather quickly. I'm hoping Happiness is next to be repressed. But for now, I do have everything that's been put out so far minus Gravity, as I'm not interested in it. So for anyone wondering which pressing they should pick up, I've tried a few and came out with this:

Naveed: The "Music On Vinyl" limited pressing is immaculate. Clear vinyl with "black smoke", limited to 1,000 but still available online. I've been collecting for years and have a decently high end hifi setup, and i can honestly say this is one of the best sounding records I've ever heard repressed. The master is noiseless and crystal clear, with a great amount of presence on all fronts. The vinyl itself is beautiful and came in a poly-lined sleeve and is without ANY noticeable clicks or pops on mine. This is definitely the ideal way to listen to this album. I can't get over it.

Clumsy: I picked up the SRC remaster (the US press) on their website back when it came out. It's a nice orange/red swirl color. Unfortunately, i found the master to be a bit lacking, possibly digitally sourced. The low end really doesn't stand very prominently, and the whole pressing is, while still very clear and present, a bit lacking in dynamics. Also quite quiet. Kevin Gray mastered it, and I usually find his work very satisfactory, so i was surprised. Of course i'm being kind of picky here, but I would try to get the original canadian pressing on solid orange, as it's a bit more complimentary of the louder moments on the album. However, this pressing is still pretty satisfactory.

Spiritual Machines: Just picked up the standard black pressing. Eh. It's definitely CD sourced. Sounds pretty compressed and a bit quiet. Again, this isn't totally bad and it's still very listenable. Just would've loved to hear these songs come alive a bit more being that they're so richly textured. I haven't got my hands on any other pressings of this, but have heard good things about the opaque blue press, which is on discogs around $30. The cover art looks amazing on a bigger sleeve though. Still well worth it.

Kind of wish the band went with one distributor (like Music On Vinyl pressing Naveed) and just had them handle their discography, instead of all these different outlets selling different variants from different audio sources. The band hasn't said a word about the SM/Gravity pressings (at least from what i've seen. i dont follow them too closely anymore) so it could be that Columbia is behind a lot of this. Who knows. Regardless, still very excited to hopefully have Happiness complete my collection of theirs. Still my favorite album they put out.
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Re: Hey OLP, let's press some vinyl

Postby m2 » 2/13/2018, 3:21 pm

Also, haven't heard Burn Burn or Curve. Funny that pictures from their recent shows show them selling BB but not Curve. Would be interested in picking up Curve maybe if the prices weren't ridiculous.
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Re: Hey OLP, let's press some vinyl

Postby titanMAX » 2/13/2018, 6:48 pm

I have most of these pressings so I'll give my thoughts. Keep in mind I'm not quite an audiophile.

Spiritual Machines: your take is spot on. I have the opaque blue and my first impression was pretty meh. Disappointed compared to the rest.

SRC Clumsy: it's alright. I actually prefer the blue anniversary one.

Burn Burn: it is the way to listen to this album. it really is such a step above CD quality.

Curve: I spent a whole bunch of money on this one and it definitely doesn't disappoint. Not as clear an upgrade from CD as Burn Burn but man if you find a good deal on it, you should get it.

Gravity: I have the red Gravity pressing and I think it's good. Not as good as say the Music on Vinyl Naved or even the SRC Clumsy, but a step above SM.
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Re: Hey OLP, let's press some vinyl

Postby faninor » 2/21/2018, 9:17 pm

Just an FYI to anyone who still needs Spiritual Machines or Gravity, the Discogs seller with the colored editions for sale has 6 copies of each on hand and I definitely recommend him. He’s only listed 1 copy of each at a time, and posts another whenever one sells. I bought both from him, asked him to move the records to plain sleeves when shipping, and everything arrived in great shape. Comes out to just about $100 shipped to the US when buying both.
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