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Postby Random Name » 8/28/2006, 3:47 pm one wants the Mafia. :lol:

Goodbye you liar,
Well you sipped from the cup but you don't own up to anything
Then you think you will inspire
Take apart your head
(and I wish I could inspire)
Take apart your demons, then you add it to the list.

Random Name
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Oskar Winner: 2007
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Postby AnnieDreams » 8/28/2006, 4:29 pm

where's Smooke when you need him?
-Annie (Whee! boring signature!)
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Postby AlyssWonders » 8/28/2006, 4:43 pm

he also hasn't been here in awhile
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Postby Kathy » 8/28/2006, 5:09 pm

what about Hat Girl?

<I><B>"I know this sounds corny, and I might be a little bit drunk, but honest to god, thank you everybody"</B></I>
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Oskar Winner: 2007
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Postby Sonya » 8/28/2006, 7:15 pm

*steals maida mafia from hat girl* :evil:
"if the nuremberg trials were applied to us foreign policy, every us president since 1945 would have been hanged." noam chomsky.

...and this is me hanging on / i'd burn our initials in the sun if it would shine / anxiety chokes me like razor wire / if hate's in your heart man, you'll take what you're given / wake up / i'm not the only one / it's never goodbye / go ahead and play dead / if everyone's a casualty, then take your time, there ain't no trouble / these wounds they will not heal / ambition can be a tricky thing / what the hell do i know about rape anyway? / this is not what i hoped for / ain't it so weird how it makes you a weapon / who will be there to tell me how stupid i am? / those living for death will die by their own hand / and it's me that I am spying on / pick up the pieces and live with the stars / hurry up and wait / things have never been so swell / they're always the ones who slowly drift / be great / ...and this is my world.
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Postby nikki4982 » 9/21/2006, 3:58 am

Hey now. I don't post anymore, but whenever I've gotten emails about new members of my clubs, I've come here and added them.
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above us only sky, imagine all the people, <font color="#FFFFFF">living</font> for today...</font>

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for, no religion too, imagine all the people, living <font color="#FFFFFF">life</font> in peace...</font>

<font color="#89CDCC">Imagine no possesions, I wonder if you can, no need for greed or <font color="#FFFFFF">hunger</font>,
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Oskar Lifetime Achievement Award: 2007
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Postby Rusty » 9/21/2006, 1:49 pm

:GASP: NIKKI!!!! *leaps, misses, falls, rolls, crawls over and hugs legs*

Queens Of The Stone Age-Someone's In The Wolf

Once you're lost in twillights's blue
You don't find your way, the way finds you...

Tempt the fates, beware the smile
It hides all the teeth, my dear,
What's behind them...

So glad you could stay

He steps between the trees, a crooked man
There's blood on the blade
Don't take his hand

You warm by the firelight, in twilight's blue
Shadows creep & dance the walls
He's creeping too..

So glad you could stay

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