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Soozy (Soozy)

Postby nelison » 12/9/2004, 4:01 pm

K-I-C-K-A-S-S (Clap clap clap clap, clap clap) That's the way we spell Soozy (Clap clap clap clap, clap clap). okay so it doesn't Rhyme, but it's Soozy we're talking about. She's above any rhyming scheme.
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Postby xjsb125 » 12/9/2004, 4:42 pm

Perhaps the nicest, most intelligent, beautiful, sweetest CMette of them all. This lady has it all. One of the best friends you could ever make on this board.
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Postby Random Name » 12/9/2004, 4:43 pm

She is the role model of the CM.

Anyone who can stick magnets on themselves is cool in my books! :D

And whenever I think of Spotted Dick I think of Sooooooozy. :love:

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Postby deniedjunkie » 12/9/2004, 4:59 pm

sooz is one of the most lovely and compassionate people one could ever meet and i feel fortunate to have done so.

Their certinately arn't enough people like her around.

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Postby closeyoureyes » 12/9/2004, 5:05 pm

Soozy, is the sweetest and most down to earth of all the cmers. She's fabulous, and everyone loves her to bits. :love:

She's also my fiancee, ;) :D.
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Postby Dr. Hobo » 12/9/2004, 5:42 pm

soooz rocks :D
im still sad i didnt get to meet her in ottawa but i will one of these days :nod:
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Postby happening fish » 12/9/2004, 6:21 pm

This one's a bad apple. Avoid her.
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happening fish
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Postby closeyoureyes » 12/9/2004, 6:33 pm

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Postby Lando » 12/9/2004, 6:45 pm

Sooz is a girl I only ever hear positive things about. While we haven't talked much so far, everyone, including myself seems to like her.

What I do know about her is that she's seen more concerts in one year than most CMers will see in their lifetime! Of which I am totally jealous I might add!

She seems to travel a lot from the stories I've heard and has met a few different CMers over her journeys to the Northern Part of America.

Did I mention she lives in England!? Oh wait... That's in her info..... Dang Sarnit!

Sooz is one girl I'd like to learn more about and hear some of her cool concert stories!

Go Soooooooz!
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Postby xoNoDoubt69 » 12/9/2004, 7:32 pm

soozy is spectacularious. one of the few people that i feel i can trust and tell anything to. we're also moving to canada to find some hot canadian boys :love:
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Postby Henrietta » 12/9/2004, 7:36 pm

Sooz. Spells her name cool.

I don't like many people without at least talking to them, but I <3 Sooz.

Postby Lydia » 12/10/2004, 12:19 am

Soozy is great. She's so nice and always welcomes me on those rare occasions that I'm in the hub.
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Postby Soozy » 12/10/2004, 12:55 pm

happeningfish wrote:This one's a bad apple. Avoid her.
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Postby happening fish » 12/10/2004, 12:58 pm

awkward is the new cool
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happening fish
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Postby namkablam » 12/10/2004, 1:00 pm

Hey! I almost met the Sooooozy! But instead, in Ottawa, I walked by her to get to my seat and watched the OLPness a few seats away from her. :O
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Postby clumsychild_ » 12/10/2004, 2:11 pm

Soozy's reeeally nice and an awesome CM'er.

Yay MG. :drool:
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Postby Johnny » 12/12/2004, 4:00 pm

I haven't had the chance to speak with Soozy alot but I know she is kind and sweet English lass! She told me many a time that I can accomplish my dream. :)
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Postby Joey » 12/13/2004, 9:30 pm

anyone that lives in engerland is tres cool :love:

soozy = :thumbs:
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Postby Penguin Josh » 12/14/2004, 5:06 pm

sooz went through a hardship this year and everyone was here to suport her through that time. go sooz.

i wasn't....
Penguin Josh
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Postby nikki4982 » 12/15/2004, 1:23 pm

I haven't posted in Soozy's thread. :GASP:

Soozy = sweetest girl in the world. :mrgreen:
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