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Postby Johnny » 12/12/2004, 3:48 pm

I'm going to be honest here. I never really liked Alan, mainly because he came off as a prick and asshole to me. But he has an unbelievably good taste in music. :)
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Postby dream in japanese » 12/12/2004, 5:02 pm

i've never had a problem with alan, in fact i actually liked him a lot, except, he ignored me each time i tried to befriend him :lol: ..that's ok, i still think he's cool and i <3 his taste in music.
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dream in japanese
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Postby menomena » 6/15/2006, 9:31 pm

Oh wow, I never really noticed this forum existed, let alone this thread. I feel like a prick, yet pretty fucking awesome that I earned such backhanded compliments from everyone.

Yeah, I essentially was a prick to everyone here, and I know that. I also do regret being a complete jerk to most people. At the time, some people deserved it, and yeah, wait, where was I going with this?

Oh yeah, sorry guys. I promise to do better in my...what is this...third time around? Actually, it might be fourth. Wow, I sure do have one hell of a track record, eh?
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Postby Hope » 6/16/2006, 1:45 am

:GASP: i had no idea this was your 4th time.
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Postby Random Name » 2/16/2007, 7:58 pm

You know, I'm kind of glad Alan still comes around every once in a while. He's a pretty cool guy in my opinion. And he keeps people on their toes. :P

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Postby Henrietta » 3/21/2007, 8:36 pm

Alan, are you sad we aren't friends anymore? Because I am!


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