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Postby clumsychild_ » 12/9/2003, 3:02 pm

carnival_7 wrote:
clumsychild_ wrote:Lori, I can't remember the name of the store but it was on Yonge St. sorta near Sam the Record Man. But it wasn't called "World of Posters" which was a store I noticed later that was in that area..

was that the only poster they had left? or were there more?
cause my school is right next door to that store and i use to go there all the time asking them for olp posters but then i gave up. i didn't think they'd ever get any. damn.

They had a few left (3 or something).. But the guy working there didn't seem to know anything about the posters. A girl came in while I was there and asked about a poster and he just shrugged and told her to look around..
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Postby Henrietta » 12/9/2003, 3:45 pm

Yup, that would be Lambchops.

Kids on the bus used to sing that on field trips.

Postby .:x:Marissa:x:. » 12/9/2003, 4:35 pm

I just got back from volleyball. We won. Except I didn't play even one minute. I was starting lineup last week, so how the f*ck did I get moved down so far in like 3 days. Hmmmmm, maybe I just suddenly suck alot ahhaha.......
Also I hit my nose really hard on the edge of a desk today and it hurts like a bison.

I have not had the best of days.
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Postby Clumsy7Thief » 12/9/2003, 4:39 pm

I'm sooo sleepy. :(

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Postby clumsychild_ » 12/9/2003, 4:41 pm

I had a crappy day too. I just realized that I now hate all of my classes.
I just want to fast forward to second semester.. :nod:
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Postby Henrietta » 12/9/2003, 5:00 pm

Fourth semester...

Postby made to heal » 12/9/2003, 5:35 pm

my throat is suddenly killing me..nooo i dont want to get sick!!!!!!!!!

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Postby Random Name » 12/9/2003, 6:16 pm

I don't wannna go to schooooollllll....

I've turned into a 7 year old. Therefore I need to stay home.

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Postby Johnny » 12/9/2003, 6:52 pm


I hate my brain......its so dumb :freak:
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Postby Sonya » 12/9/2003, 6:57 pm

Eww. Surgery was hell. Actually, it was quite funny. They put a mask on me, told me to count backwards from three. So, I was like, "Three... Two... zZzZzZz...". Then, wehn I woke up, well, a nurse actually woke me up by blowing on me. Except she must've had some Altoids or something before she did that, 'cuz I was choking and laughing. :).

The bad thing, was actually my barfing every 5 minutes (don't know if you should know that, :roll: ). And the knee don't hurt so much, actually.

The best part is being stoned since 8:30 last night. :jer:
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Postby Long Jonny » 12/9/2003, 7:32 pm

i had grad pics today... i forgot so i looked like hell
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Postby Mechanical Thought » 12/9/2003, 7:55 pm

I don't like school pictures. I always manage to look like a moron.

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Postby Axtech » 12/9/2003, 7:57 pm

Same here. Prime example: my most recent pic.

Hopefully my grad pic (next week) will be better. Luckily I'm getting a haircut on Thursday, so it won't be fro-y.
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Postby Bananababy » 12/9/2003, 8:12 pm

Hahah, yeah, with senior pictures, everyone's always like, "Oh, they can make ANYONE look GREAT in their senior picture!" but I got mine back and I was like, "Then mine were definitely beyond repair!"
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Postby Henrietta » 12/9/2003, 8:48 pm

I hate pictures...except of when I was a little kid. I was cute then.

Postby Susan » 12/9/2003, 11:48 pm

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Postby Johnny » 12/10/2003, 12:24 am

I loathed getting my school pics. I can't smile on command. If I do.......its horrid :wtf: :wtf:
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Postby areusad831 » 12/10/2003, 1:29 am

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Postby superboots » 12/10/2003, 8:39 am


OMG. I can't believe I din't think fo you
until now because when I think on
a scale of one to ten you're like YWELVE.
No, seriously?

I <3 my HLP!!!!!
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Postby liam » 12/10/2003, 9:35 am

i have not had school yet this week, and i'm leaving for Florida on friday
so as far as i know itll be a one day week for me

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