Earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan

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Earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan

Postby saman » 3/11/2011, 9:46 pm ... 1&iref=BN1

pretty scary stuff. they're estimating the death toll will be in the thousands. the earthquake also caused a tsunami in hawaii, which comes on top of volcano eruptions there in the past few days. there were also tsunami alarms in other areas like the west coast of the us and canada, and australia.
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Postby Kicker774 » 3/11/2011, 10:16 pm

Yea I've seen the tolls up into the 1000+ range.

In way their lucky, from the footage clips the news was showing the majority of the damage was across rural farm land and not densely populated cities.

Plus Japans building engineers probably saved thousands of lives with their work. I hope that point comes through in the following weeks.

Anywhere else in the world (California included) and I bet the toll would be much higher.
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