Some Dark Poetry.

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Some Dark Poetry.

Postby naveed99 » 9/9/2006, 9:25 pm

Id like some feedback, im not a homicidcal maniac, just a poetic risk taker. You may find some OLP influence in here. All these are pretty similar in theme, thats why im posting them together, Id like some constructive cristisism from people smarter then me, Im really new to this. :)

Thoughts on nature’s foolish paradox - A.M

Curse on me

What a sly animal, behaving opposite to expectations.
It lays dormant, one full year, the conscious is pleased.
Yet, when she awakens, there it is.
All else dissolves in its presence, it is left, radiant and vein.
It demands attention; such a radical change.

But she doesn’t want it, why won’t it go?
Days spent contemplating its presence, years wasted.
Yet it returns, how can it return?
It is a strange ally, a vile acquaintance.
All that is good dissolves, and darkness is left.
The walls are pain, the sun can’t exist.
This is pain.

Who is she?

Let go of this now, she crushed you, pull away now.
Others must align better, but she does not fit, this
Irrational love is senseless. Thousands of thoughts
Were invested in this hopeful cause, but a thief she is.
"Follow me into this place, and here I will leave you" she says.
And a cold dark place it is. Oh, I have been fooled at a great cost!
I drank her, and drunk I am, please stop filling this cup. But the taste
Is so colorful, I desire more. She is a wicked lie, the idea of her
Pulls me back again into this lonely place, she is all around, but I cannot
Get inside her. What a horrible fate, to want what can never be given, given not
To me. I am stuck inside this box, and others grab my treasure, she opens her beautiful world to them, yet closed to me she is. Justice cannot exist in this place, so much
Pain is here - I must get out of this prison, but she holds the key, unaware
Of her great responsibility.

Blonde Darkness.

She returned hell to me; I will bury her.
Love is transmuted to hate quickly here, drowning
in a sea of negativity I am. Charge has been reversed,
everything is hatred now, she belongs beneath
this green solitude. primitive addiction
has stayed in the same plane, this deep
desire for elimination manifests. Only light
can save me, but here, there is only black.

The End

I will leave, dont break yourself.
Resisting a craving, how paradoxically wondrous!
Withrawl is magnetic, but liberation is eerily sweet.
Perhaps this is the color so desperately seeked.
A dissolution of grey, the sunrise.
A start it is, all things must begin somewhere.
The cycle collapses on itself, nature looses, consciousness
prevales. A found soul, I leave the cemetary, not one with
the blind fools behind. Hope carries me.

An experiment with morals

bury this hateful soul, dissolve this identity.
pain that has been recieved will be returned with a brutal
urgency. steal the blue from these radiant eyes, remove
the sun from her hair, she belongs in darkness.

An experiment with pure hatred.

“you are my sweetest downfall” she says. Ignorant fiend; you understand not.
A bubble within you reside, safe from pain, you have not seen my heart.
I orbit you, superior, you are nothing compared to me. Laugh,
Enjoy your light, and I will watch with glaring eyes at your transparency.
You needn’t exist, you pushed me into space, I will remove your ignorance.
Look! See through me, you will cease.

The Idiot

I am blind, succumbing to this addiction I regret my desire.
I am the Idiot, she is root.
Bored again by Happiness...
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