GM Centre, Oshawa ON - Oct. 29, 2016

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GM Centre, Oshawa ON - Oct. 29, 2016

Postby Hugh23 » 6/23/2016, 1:40 pm

I better start working some OT shifts to pay for 2 VIP tickets. The chance to meet OLP and hear some extra acoustic songs makes it worth it in my book.
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Re: GM Centre, Oshawa ON - Oct. 29, 2016

Postby Hugh23 » 10/30/2016, 12:21 am

VIP Happy Hour with OLPXIME
1. Rain Will Fall - IME
2. Naveed - OLP
3. Stray Cat Strut - Stray Cats
4. Evil Ways - Santana

!. One Man Army
2. Superman's Dead
3. Naveed
4. Innocent
5. Paper Moon
6. Thief
7. Monkey Brains
8. Is Anybody Home?
9. Drop Me in the Water
10. Not Enough
11. 2029/In Repair/Grace, too (Dedicated to John Cancy (spelling?))
12. Somewhere Out There
13. Clumsy
14. 4am
15. Starseed

My wife and I attended the OLPXIME VIP Happy Hour before the sold out concert at the GM Centre, home of the Oshawa Generals, in Oshawa, ON. We gathered with other fans who purchased VIP tickets and entered the arena before the doors opened to all fans. We were led upstairs to the merch booth where VIP ticket holders were given a choice of two styles of OLPXIME tour t-shirts as part of our VIP ticket. Everyone also received a nylon satchel containing a VIP laminate on a lanyard and a tour poster signed by all members of OLP & IME. When everyone had their merch, we were led into a small room were numerous chairs and instruments were set up in a circle. I was surprised to find a table with two large trays of ice containing beer, soda pop and water for the fans. After waiting for about 15 minutes, members of OLP & IME entered and sat with their instruments. Again, the room was small and the fans had to squeeze in tightly to accommodate everyone.

The combined bands played acoustic versions of the songs listed above. Raine began by asking the fans what songs they wanted to hear first. Three different songs were suggested and Raine answered each request with Nope, Not Gonna Happen and No. The group began playing Rain Must Fall with Edwin on lead and Raine doing backing vocals. When Naveed was played, Raine sang lead and Edwin did backing vocals. Naveed was so beautiful. Steve's acoustic guitar riffs were just as powerful as if he were playing his electric. Raine sang the lyrics as he always does, but he used many different voice inflections in a manner I hadn't heard before. It was a great take on one of my favorite OLP songs.

After these two songs were played, Raine and Edwin said the bands wanted to answer some fan questions. There was an awkward pause for about a minute as no one said anything. Raine said, "Are you sure there aren't any questions?" This is when I unintentionally embarrassed Raine in front of 40 or 50 of his biggest fans. I was standing behind Raine to the left of his left shoulder. Instead of asking a question about OLP history or Raine's inspirations for songs, I asked how he met his wife, Chantal Kreviazuk. He didn't turn around and look at me, but he said, "Of all the questions you could of asked me, you go there?" Raine fidgeted a moment in his chair and finally said he met Chantal at a Pearl Jam concert. Now with Raine's original reaction to my first question, you would think I would keep my mouth shut, but no I followed that question with, "Was it love at first sight, or did your relationship take time to develop?" This time Raine turned around, looked at me and jokingly said, "No more questions from this side of the room." I suddenly realized I'm asking this big rock star about his love life and he wasn't expecting questions like this. I thought Raine was going to ignore my second question and move on, but he did answer and said, "I saw her at the concert, she turned and looked at me and I was sold right was love at first sight".

I was rescued from my embarrassment when another fan asked Raine what was the first concert he saw. He said AC/DC. Edwin said his first concert was BB King. Steve was asked what his first concert was and he replied Kings X. He told a funny story about going to that concert. Steve said you had to be 18 y/o to attend the show and he was only 14 y/o at the time. Steve said he borrowed his music teacher's ID who was 24 y/o! He also said his music teacher had long dark shoulder length hair and he looked nothing like Steve. Nervously, Steve entered the concert venue and showed his ID to get in. The guard never looked at him sideways and he walked right in. Everyone chuckled. Steve asked the IME guitarist what his first concert was and he said The Stray Cats. Raine interrupted and asked what should be played next? A fan blurted out Stray Cat Strut. Without missing a beat both bands began to play the song. Edwin somehow new the lyrics to the entire song. Raine and the fans new about half of the lyrics and we helped Edwin sing the parts we knew. It was great fun! The VIP Happy Hour ended with Santana. Before entering the main concert hall, all the fans present took photos with OLPXIME.

This may have been the most well attended concert of the OLPXIME tour. The GM Place Centre holds 5500 fans for a hockey game. The main stage was set up at one end of the rink between the face off dots by the goalie crease. There were 9 large sections on the main floor, all filled. The entire lower bowl was full as well as the balcony. An hour before the doors opened, a block of standing room only tickets was released. I would estimate there was 7000 or more amped up fans. I was slightly disappointed to hear the exact same set list as I had gotten in London two nights before, but my disappointment was muted by the Oshawa fans reaction to the OLP music. Fans were screaming and shouting and whistling before the show began and between the songs. Raine mentioned a few times what great fans there are in Oshawa. To end the show, Raine jumped down from the stage and raced up the main floor to the red line area. He then went up into stands amongst the fans in the lower bowl. Of course, Raine had to let the fans sing the refrain one time alone without his help. It was loud and perfect. When is the U.S. tour and what is the Detroit date? :D
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