Moon vs Sun; 2-13-16; Windsor, ON

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Moon vs Sun; 2-13-16; Windsor, ON

Postby Hugh23 » 2/14/2016, 5:04 am

Chrysler Theatre; St Clair College Centre for the Arts

1. Under The Stars (Moon vs Sun)
2. Yellow Brick Road (Raine Solo)
3. Innocent (OLP Cover)
4. I'm Going to Break Your Heart (Moon vs Sun)
5. In This Life (Chantal Solo)
6. Johnny Appleseed (Joe Strummer Cover)
7. Don't Let Another Year Go By (Moon vs Sun)
8. In Repair (OLP Cover)
9. Into Me (New Chantal Solo)


10. Wayne (Chantal Solo) - Raine sang this entirely by himself
11. Montreal (Raine Solo)
12. Time (Chantal Solo)
13. I'm Going to Break Your Heart (Moon vs Sun)
14. Clumsy (OLP Cover)
15. Feels Like Home (Chantal Solo/Randy Newman Cover)
16. I Love It When you Make Me Beg (Moon vs Sun)


1. Superman's Dead (OLP Cover) - Chantal sang this entirely by herself

A polar wind coming off the Detroit River blew what felt like icy daggers into our faces as we entered the Chrysler Theatre in downtown Windsor, ON. The temperature outside was 5 degrees Fahrenheit, but inside warmth and a rising excitement greeted the fans preparing to see married Canadian musical superstars, Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida, perform in their new collaboration entitled Moon vs Sun.

After years of following separate musical careers and also collaborating together to write for other artists, Chantal and Raine decided to form a duo to write songs arising from their experiences in nearly 17 years of marriage together. Quietly they have been raising a family of three boys. Their youngest son, Sal (short for Salvador), is traveling with his mom and dad on this leg of the tour. After singing the first song, Chantal said she was a bit flustered. Apparently Sal has a devious side to himself as Chantal mentioned her son had placed a sharp object on her seat which she sat on just moments before the start of the show. She lovingly mentioned "the little fucker's got a sense of humor". This drew a large laugh from the crowd.

The fans were low-key as the first song ended. The 2nd song was Raine's solo hit Yellow Brick Road. When it ended the fans cheered heartily causing both Chantal and Raine to remark, "Thank God for Windsor"! I guess the fans at earlier Moon vs Sun performances this week were subdued and Raine and Chantal enjoyed the raucous response of the Windsor fans.

This show was fun and full of starts and stops. Chantal and Raine bantered with the fans between songs or bantered between themselves as any married couple would after being apart after a day at work. Then the musicians would begin to play the next song and Chantal or Raine would suddenly stop in the middle of a song to say something interesting which popped into their minds or an instrument was found not to be in tune and they would pause and joke together as they straightened things out.

As Raine began to play the opening bars of Innocent on his acoustic guitar a small roar arose from the fans as they recognized the song. At almost the same instant young Sal walked onto the stage towards his mom sitting at her piano. A second larger roar came from the crowd at Sal's appearance. Raine was taken aback by this response as he did not see his son enter the stage. He stopped playing and said, "Do you guys really like this song that much"??!! As he looked to his right to see Chantal's reaction, Raine saw his son sit on the end of the piano bench next to his mom. He replied, "I see what's going on". Everyone enjoyed a good belly laugh and the song continued. At first Sal was singing the refrain to Innocent along with his mom into her mic. As the song progressed, Sal became mesmerized by the audience watching the show. While still sitting on the piano bench he turned and faced the fans, scanning each face he could see. Sal absentmindedly continued to sing the refrain with his dad without the aid of a mic. I thought it was cute to see two generations of Maida's carrying on the family tradition.

Chantal and Raine had three other musicians on stage with them. Jason Pierce, the new drummer for OLP, was on hand to hold a steady beat. Jason is an excellent hard rock drummer. You would normally see him play an OLP concert in a t-shirt and see his numerous cool looking tattoos which cover both of his arms and neck. Jason has a wildly energetic playing style when he is with OLP. Today I almost didn't recognize him. Jason was wearing a conservative buttoned down collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up at the cuffs and none of his tattoos visible. He was wearing a pair of black rimmed glasses in the Buddy Holly style. He looked quite academic. He was playing a new set of white DW Drums instead of the aqua blue DW set he performs with at OLP concerts. Jason played with a calm and control I was not used to seeing. He played with style, flair and panache.

Kudos should also be given to Karen Graves on the violin and Kevin Fox on his cello. Karen's and Kevin's strings were very beautiful and they added a fuller dimension to Chantal's and Raine's voices. Many times Karen and Kevin added backing vocals for Chantal. The five musicians played tightly together and I left the venue feeling I had experienced something familiar, yet different and exceptional.

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures. It was the best I could do with my phone camera.


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Re: Moon vs Sun; 2-13-16; Windsor, ON

Postby blueseeka » 2/15/2016, 1:34 pm

Awesome review. Thank you
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Re: Moon vs Sun; 2-13-16; Windsor, ON

Postby xjsb125 » 2/15/2016, 5:16 pm

Thanks for the review, Hugh! I had been wondering what they had in their setlists. Karen and Kevin are wonderful. Karen even got to be an OLP guest a few years ago on New Year's at Niagara Falls. Jason is wonderfully talented in several genres. A great asset on the drums.
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Re: Moon vs Sun; 2-13-16; Windsor, ON

Postby Hugh23 » 2/16/2016, 8:53 pm

I'm glad you guys enjoyed my review. I have only seen Jason preform a few times and I'm impressed by his versatility.
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